Thursday, January 13, 2011

I actually made it to San Sebastian

I am super super tired right now but I just can't help but mention a couple of things about my journey and first night in Spain. (ok well a lot of things) So when I arrived in Madrid, my flight got delayed for like 6 hours, so I posted up and tried to sleep the time away since it was in the middle of the night in the United States. Everyone around me was so energized and spunky, probably because to them it was 2 in the afternoon... Anyways that was pretty tough to be so close, but still one more plane ride away. Finally when I got to SS, my friend Hillary who was flying with me had her amazing 70 something year old grandma come get us. This lady (Lordes) is honestly my idol. She is so healthy and energetic and fun! She doesn't speak any english so I thought I was going to be the third wheel sitting there while Hillary and her chatted away, but I gave spanish my best shot and she was so welcoming and warm that I didn't care that I sounded like a complete fool so it made things a lot easier. So Lordes does not have a car... cause in SS cars are just stupid since the transportation system is to good to be true. She came to help me get to my hostel and to ride with us through the town. She gave us a personal guide as we drove past huge statues of Jesus, and old churches, which was really nice of her. So the san sebastian airport was actually in a small town out side of SS, the name I can't remember at the moment but, it took us like 25 minutes on the bus to get to SS. The weather by the way was sunny and beautiful. (so simliar to a nice day in SB) Once we went over this hill I knew we were there. I completely recognized the city just from google mapping the hell out of it for months. It is everything I hoped it would be. The small streets, everyone on bikes, little pinxos shops, beautiful buildings, no fat people.. haha, jk. but really there isn't ANY. The architecture is so amazing and there are so many shops holy crap!! So Lordes, Hillary and I walked to my hostel and dropped of all my luggage and then headed to Lordes' house down the street, (so convenient) for a light dinner, Basque style. Lordes has the most awesome beautiful house right on the river and to get to her door you have to go up a glass elevator which is so small we were squished together. Her house was so clean and simple and I absolutely felt at home there. She made us, from scratch, zuppa de pescado as the first dish, then more fish cooked in olive oil with lemon, then for the last course we had a famous basque cheese with wine. We sat together and did our best to communicate with little to no english!! I don't know how I did it, but its true that if you use your hands a lot, you might get by. In those 2 hours I felt like i just passed spanish 101. Hillary is a pretty good speaker so I was in the dust most of the time but it felt so good to say something and to have Lordes understand me. I could tell that she liked me and that she was proud that I was at least trying. So after dinner and chatting, they walked me back to my hostel along the beach, and I remember hearing that this particular beach was very romantic at night. It is very true. There are huge white lanterns that are along the shore and every where you look there is a couple kissing. So now I'm going to bed but I cannot wait to wake up and walk around some more. I will post again soon of course!

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