Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parte Vieja

I am finally settled in my new apartment and I couldn't  have asked for a better living situation. I am sharing a huge room with a USAC student named Karen and then I also live with a Spanish girl named Amanda and an Italian girl named Francesca. They both do not speak english, so it will be great to practice with them. There is also one other american student who is are room mate, but she is out of town so I haven't met her yet. I moved in yesterday, or Monday here, and I couldn't believe that I was living in the el centro, which is the best location right in the heart of the city and shops, right next to the beach. We have a place that is meant for 7 people and its honestly a huge flat with a balcony. ahhhh sorry I feel like a bragger but I just feel really lucky to be living here. Anyways, the students from USAC and I have been hanging out a lot more because of the hours together during orientation. So last night we decided to all go out to Parte Vieja, which is where the best bars are. My room mates, who know the area really well, decided to go out with us too. So all 20 something of us met at the first bridge which connects to Gross, another part of town. It's so awesome to meet people in this environment, because everyone is very open and welcoming to make new friends we all want to have the best time we possibly can. We all walked to Parte Vieja and ended up going to a bar that Amanda suggested and we ended up being the only ones in the bar, but it was fine because it was such small place that we took up the whole place! We ended up staying there the whole night just getting to know each other which was really great. It was soo fun. The group is really fun and everyone gets along really well. Other news, we had to meet this morning at 11 am at the school so we took a long walk to school and got fruit and coffee for walk there, which a 45 minute walk by the way..We were 5 minutes late but, in spain, that is totally ok. haha. so weird. Anyways we took a placement exam yesterday to find out which spanish classes to take and it was so scary because we had to take a 45 minute multiple choice exam, and then also a private aural exam. Today we were given are results and I ended getting into the track I wanted,  track 2 so I was really happy about that. Classes start tomorrow and I have to get a phone finally, and I have no blankets on my bed soooo yeah thats not going to work. I am going to get going on that but I will write again soon.

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