Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I can't sleep

I have a feeling this blog is going to help me through moments of extreme anxiety and excitement. I have already told everyone how excited I am, and I am sure that it is getting old, but this way I can vent with out any "i know...." facial expressions. :) I'm sitting here on my couch thinking of all the things that could possible go wrong or go really right. With me, both are equally possible. I think the hardest thing about getting ready to leave to another country is getting the whole money situation figured out. I started a charles schwab account to avoid atm and conversion fees while abroad, which is awesome, so anyone who reads this and is planning to travel abroad should do the same. You just have to open an brokerage and checking together but its really easy. Oh and I just found out that Philadelphia is getting attacked by two huge snow storms as I am typing this, and that is were my connecting flight is....lame. Sadly there is a chance that I might not be leaving at 8:45..Thank god I gave myself a couple of days before orientation. Cutting it pretty close though. My friend Hillary who I have met in Chico that is going to Study in SS too is going to be flying with me from Philly to Madrid so thats nice. At least I will have some company on the long flight. Haha even though I have packed some drowsy medicine to knock me out.  I can't stop thinking about me new mysterious foreign room mates and I also really wish I could find out where exactly I am going to be living. Is that too much to ask? Anyways I think that is enough for now. Hopefully I will be writing a new entry tomorrow at the airport and not still at my house. Snow snow go away come again another day....

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