Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have finally made it to Madrid but I have yet to even go outside. Traveling can really wear u out! I am so tired right now but my body is so confused and it does not know if it should be hungry, tired....ahhh. I did my best to sleep on the plane but I kept waking up every time someone ran a bell to get a refill on their beverage. I did watch a movie though which definitely made the time pass much faster. I am was forced to check my carry-on bag in Philly which was a disappointment since I don't have any other clothes at the moment. hehe. I here Europeans don't mind a little musk so that is a relief. The airport in Madrid is very clean and beautiful and there are so many fashionable people everywhere. All the men where nice black suits and shiny shoes. I love it! No saggy pant butts around here! There weather outside looks cold and cloudy but still so foreign. I have 2 hours until my flight to San Sebastian, which is annoying because I really really want to get there. I am so excited to start this new life here and I can already tell that I am going to learn soooo much about getting around on my own. I had to talk to a lady who did not speak english and well... my spanish was not making any sense so we just kinda looked at each other haha God this is going to be hard. Well I am glad to be able to go online and blog but Nothing else that exciting has happened so I will blog again once I get to my hostel!!!

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